Enlarge My Penis Size.com Feedback and Additions

May 10th, 2011 1 comment

First off, Thanks to all my visitors for the huge number of supportive emails and comments coming in recently for my little (no pun intended) penis enlargement website. I guess getting a bigger penis never goes out of style!

As if having a bigger penis isn’t great in and of itself, being able to give back and help others find information on the how-to’s of penis enhancement is great. And all the positive feedback and suggestions have encouraged me to make some new additions to Enlarge My Penis Size.com:

  • New Penis Enlargement Videos page is up – a lot of people said they wanted real videos related to enlarge penis, so here you go!
    • Check out the entertaining video from UK journalist Tim Shaw who tracks his penis growth success, using methods discussed on this very site, by making molds of his penis to give to his wife!
    • A very impressive and shocking video on ‘Iron Penis’ training, where men in their 50’s have increased their penis size, lasting power, and penis strength to unbelievable extremes. A must see!
  • Spotlight Product – I am currently working on getting penile enhancement product reviews written up and posted, but this spot is already up and will be listing which product to enlarge your penis size, or related to penis enlarger’s or performance is currently in my opinion the best out there in it’s category.
  • Yahoo Answers links – Listed in the sidebar, and all related to penis enhancement. You aren’t the only guy looking to enlarge your penis naturally. A lot of people are asking similar questions, and they can be both informative and enjoyable to read, such as:

And more to come! Please keep up the great feedback. Let me know which and what types of penis enlargement articles you are looking for, and also and whatever penis enlargement information you have to share. Bad products or information to warn others of, and of course progress and success stories as well! Maybe you are doing regular penis enlargement exercises or found a pill or patch that is helping. Share with us your own ‘I was able to enlarge my penis’ story, as there is no shortage of people who’d love to hear it.

How to Enlarge My Penis – The Top Question

April 5th, 2011 16 comments

Like most visitors to my site, you’re thinking about how to enlarge your penis, or maybe still wondering… Is it even possible?

Well let me reassure you that I know for a fact that the answer is YES! I searched and scanned every resource I could find for information on how to enlarge my penis size. The most important thing about penis enlargement is to know that it is real. Independent scientific studies on penis growth and increasing size have been done over the years by different medical professionals in varying countries that all point to the same conclusion: You CAN enlarge your penis size!

The biggest problem with penile enhancing products, whether it’s penis pills, penis pumps, or devices is that there are SO many of them. I wanted to know how to enlarge my penis, so I needed to find out which ones work. Well when it comes to pills, creams, and other effortless so-called natural penis enlargement products, most of these products do nothing!

In fact that is why I made this ‘enlarge my penis size’ website, to hopefully save some people the grief and wasted money on ineffective Enlarge Your Penis Overnight! type products. If you’ve spent any time browsing the web or peeking at your spam email you’ll quickly realize that there are tons of penile enhancement products out there, all promising penis enhancement overnight. And I tried many before I found one that really showed me how to enlarge my penis and give me the serious penis growth I was looking for, in both the categories of penis length and penis girth.

Funny Penis Enlargement Advertisement - Not an actual Link

Funny Ad Example - Not a Link

I have to admit, some are very entertaining and creative adverts, here on the side is one from a great penis enhancement product I like that always makes me laugh. It is easy to be swept in by flashy design, but the most important thing is to choose a program that is tried and tested, and guaranteed to enlarge the penis.

Side note: Sometimes a great product will also have great ads! The advert to the side happens to also be an example of this, as it is a highly recommended product.

Back on topic: I have learned a lot about penis enlargement along the way, and am always trying to share that through the many articles and posts here on the site. Here is a recent article I put up on the topic of premature ejaculation. Become better informed, but most importantly take that first step towards a increasing penis size, and get yourself a good guide like the one I recommend. Don’t be that guy wishes he had a bigger penis and does nothing about it.

The penis enlargement program in the Spotlight Product section at the top-right of the page has a money guarantee to work. You have No Excuses!

Penis Growth! – But What about Premature Ejaculation?

March 31st, 2011 12 comments

Daniel here, I do read my email…

And I’ve been getting quite a bit. Most of it has been positive on the penis enlargement program I recommended, and how happy they are with the professionalism of the guide. But I’m also getting some more targeted questions from a lot of people that need help, a frequent question that pops up concerns Premature Ejaculation.

That’s why I decided to put this post up about Premature Ejaculation. I have mentioned that natural penis enlargement techniques not only increase penis size, but by strengthening the entire area and blood flow can give you a stronger erection and more control = lasting power. This is a side benefit and not the main goal, which was to enlarge my penis size of course!

So to anyone interested and to answer the readers asking me for more information specific to Premature Ejaculation, I have put up a helpful tip article called: Breathing and Lasting Power, and would like to recommend a program targeted specifically at the Premature Ejaculation issue that many, many people have had great success with and continue to rave about. I believe a good company can be as important as the product itself, and they are very reputable, provide great support, and guarantee their products effectiveness.

Click here to read the article.

Enlarge My Penis Size – How I Finally Did It

March 27th, 2011 8 comments

Daniel here again!

Back with my story on how I was able to successfully enlarge my penis size. Surprisingly, when you know how, you can increase your penis size in just a matter of weeks… I am proof that it can be done! And hopefully you’ve already seen the article I put up so you have an idea of some of the dangerous penis enlargement programs I recommend you avoid.

Because back when I first started looking into penile enhancement, I had no idea what the risks were, as advertisers are all promises on ‘massive penis size’ increases and ‘how to enlarge your penis naturally’ by buying expensive penis enlargement pills. I must admit I do like some of the ads penis enlargement companies use, the more clever ones can even make you laugh out loud.

To get back to the story, like many guys out there, I was desperate and willing to try almost anything. People think when you want to enlarge your penis it’s just concern about performing in the bedroom, and the reaction women have. That IS nice, but it’s more than that. A big part of it for me was confidence. When I go out to the bar or on a date, when I would go to the gym, even when I would go swimming believe it or not.

I was determined to enlarge my penis size, and started spending money on all of the penis enlargement products I could find. Problem was, most of these programs simply did not work. Penis pumps, while have benefits for some situations were inconvenient, uncomfortable (to say the least), and most importantly ineffective at increasing penis size long-term.

I tried penis enlargement pills as well. I don’t think I’m being unrealistic at all when I say that probably 90% of these do absolutely nothing, other than one I tried made me feel ill. Truth is, even when you do find one that gives any size increase, it’s an endless money sink as you have to keep buying more.

Eventually I discovered effective penis enlargement in the form of penis exercises. I was sceptical at first, and with good reason. When I first looked at some of the free information that was available, the techniques were very unclear, limited in number, and there was no support or testimonial to back it up. I wanted something that was tried and tested, and proven to work. A guaranteed method to enlarge your penis.

My story ends soon after, because I after some more searching I found it. A genuine way to permanently enlarge your penis at home. With tons of testimonial, clear descriptions and guides, and even a clear schedule laid out to show you exactly what you should be doing and how to chart your penis growth. Literally, within weeks I was seeing real penis growth!

Take a look at the current Spotlight Product to see what I’m talking about.

Dangerous Penile Enlargement Programs

March 26th, 2011 10 comments

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I have been successful with penis enlargement. The rewards in my personal life from having a bigger penis I’ll leave for another update.

But for now, as promised, I have put up an article up on the serious topic of Dangerous Penis Enlargement Programs that you need to be aware of. Penis enlargement pills, penis pump, and penile enhancement surgery are all discussed.

If you’re serious about penis growth and increasing your penis size, the article is worth taking a look at before going any of the routes I just mentioned.

Dangerous Penis Enlargement Programs To Avoid


Penis Enlargement – Too Many Ways to a Bigger Penis?

March 25th, 2011 7 comments

A big part of my penile enlargement story I want to talk about are some of the different types of products and programs being sold to enhance penis size. Because literally there are tons!

In no particular order here are some of the more common ones, many of which you have probably heard about or maybe even seen advertised:

  • Penis Pumps
  • Penis Enlargement Pills
  • Penis Extender
  • Enlargement Surgery
  • Enlargement Exercises

I’m going to come out and say that most penis enlargement products do NOT help. Penis pumps can be very expensive, are very uncomfortable to use, and more importantly offer no real long-term increase in overall penis size. Penis pumping, which roughly equates to sticking your penis in a vacuum, will only give a you a swollen, misshapen member. And if the penis pump malfunctions or is misused, can cause some real harm.

A ‘penis extender’ falls under a similar category. The difference is that there have been studies done that show these types of products can result in an increase in length, though usually only tested on people with significantly small members with an across the board ZERO increase in girth. This is where you listen to that little voice telling you that sticking your member in a penis stretcher is NOT going to get you what you are looking for!

Penis enlargement pills. Probably the most widely know and advertised penile enhancement product, and at the same time one of the biggest scams out there. Finding a worthwhile product in this category is like finding a needle in a haystack. Best case scenario here is that nothing happens, with the worst case being all of the possible problems and side effects that come from a largely unregulated market of enlargement pills.

Penis surgery is an option, but with all of the risks it really is only worth considering for the most extreme of cases. Going under the knife is really not necessary for serious penis growth anyways, so why pay huge dollars and take the risk?

Lastly there are penis enlargement exercises and techniques. A great balance in terms of cost and without the risk of many of the other options. This is the type of product that was able to work for me. Clear guides, great support, and tons of testimonials alleviated my concern as after all the bad products, I wanted something proven effective and guaranteed to work.

The Spotlight Product I listed above on the right is exactly this.

I’m sure you noticed I made more than one mention of the risks of penis enlargement products. It’s really important information that you won’t get from the people trying to sell you these products. Be sure to check back again soon as I’m going to put up an article on what dangerous penis enlargement programs to avoid!

Enlarge My Penis Size – Can it be done?

March 25th, 2011 9 comments

Hey, I’m Daniel, and I want to tell you that Penis Enlargement CAN be done, I am living proof of it. Great thing about it was that it was easy, the hard part was finding the way to actually do it.

I never saw myself putting together a website, but then again I guess I never actually expected to succeed with penis enlargement! There are so many ‘increase penis size’ advertisements everywhere you look for an endless array of products. Not to mention email accounts with a spam folder full of penis pump and enlargement pill messages. Hopefully people will find this website and as a result be spared much of the grief I endured, along with the reassurance that:

Penis Enlargement IS Possible, It CAN Be Done!

Check out my other articles, where I share my story on the male enhancement products that gave me zero growth, and what finally did give me the penis size I had been searching for.